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             Tapasyasiddhi Kala Accademy was set up with a sole purpose of spreading Bharatnatyam as far as possible by Miss Sanyogeeta who herself is very passionate about Bharatnatyam. She with inspiration and guidance from her mother has done wonders in the field of Bharatnatyam. She has performed Bharatnatyam non-stop for 13 hours. That is not all, She has performed Bharatnatyam for unbelievable 66 hours i.e.  3 days and 3 nights.

             after these feats, we believed whatever we had achieved was not enough yet. One person can change the world but if that one person is joined by masses, results would be achieved fast. That is how the idea of mass participating world record came to our mind. The idea of thousands of enthusiastic performing Bharatnatyam did not go well with many but determination is key to success and we did just that. Thousands of obstacle we faced but we achieved "Nrityasanskar", the Guinness world record for "The Largest Bharatnatyam dance" with 2100 participants.

             We achieved part of our mission, introducing masses to Bharatnatyam by way of organizing this amazing world record. We know that there is a lot to be achieved yet. This all of above was achieved in Kolhapur. In a larger interest of this wonderful dance form, we started Bharatnatyam classes in Pune as well in a month of January 2017 at 2 places, Wakad & Pimple Saudagar

           Check out our another Guinness World Record,"The Largest Lavani Dance" we achieved in order to honor known and unknown people who worked relentlessly to keep alive Maharashtra's very own, Lavani.

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